Thursday, September 24, 2009

Make, Bake and Grow!

We at T&C love a bit of cake, as you well know. We also like tea - you had probably guessed this. So when we were asked if there was anything we wanted to do at the annual Armley Cake Competition, we jumped at the chance!

This year the theme is Make, Bake and Grow, and it's all about handcrafted things, like, well, cakes. And jam, and aprons. All sorts of things that have been made at home, and what's wrong with that? Nothing. Their website has all kinds of information about what's going on, how to enter the cake competition and what the categories are, and ideas on what to submit - do you feel like making gigantic versions of your favourite snacks, for example (like a really big twix? I'm liking that idea!), or a cookie cake pie?

Tea and Cake are going to be providing teas, somehow (details to follow), and would love to see you there! That'll be Sunday 4th October, 12-4pm (cake registration at 11). Turn up, bring a cake!

Copies of the flyer:

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